Welcome, if your surname is Arthy/Arthey or Earthy/Earthey you are in fact part of the same large family but with a different spelling variation of the surname.
The spelling variation of the surname occurs because the entries in the church records a couple of hundred years ago were kept by the then current pastor since most of the populace were illiterate, the church cleric and/or pastor took the name Arthy phonetically and spelled it Earthy and vice versa.
As an example in the baptism records at the church of St. Clements in Ipswich Thomas Atthey married Hannah Smith on August 22nd 1736, for the baptism of their son John they were named 'Thomas and Hannah Earthy. ' and for the baptism of another son James they are named as 'Thomas and Hannah Arthy'.
The earliest researched recording in an unbroken line for all the known Arthy/Earthy families is that of James Arthee also recorded as James Athy, he married Mary Smith in Boxford, Suffolk in 1673.
The earliest recordings of family members is that of a small group of Earthy's living in the county of Huntingdonshire in 1578, unfortunately current research has been unable to find any connection to this group.
By looking at the available census records it is interesting to see the varied occupations the different families have had over the years, from Coach Builder, Pig Dealer, Tax Collector, Master Baker, Bird Preserver, Missionary, Publican, to an Indian Peace Keeper.
Please visit both sections on this site, on the Earthy section you will be able to see photographs of a family bible from 1772, and on the Arthy section you will be able to see documents from the Arthy Master Bakers in 1745.
A larger image of the photographs and documents on this site can be seen by clicking on the image.
Most of the displayed records and information have been found by a small group of dedicated people who are actively researching the family history.
This family web site is the result of their combined research.
The late Barbara Arthy, Bernard Quinlan, David Earthy, Dick Earthy, Elaine Whitmore, Joan Rivers, John Arthy, Margaret Masters, Mark Earthy, Mary Marshall, Neil Langridge, and Rikk Earthy.
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WWII Stories and Reminiscences

The Service Records of UK WWII personnel who survived the war have not yet been released. If the Govt. follows the same guidelines for WWII as were used for WWI, then the records are unlikely to be released until the 80 th anniversary of the end of the war; that means 2025A.D.

There may be ex-servicemen and women, and of course their relations , who have stories and reminiscences to tell about the war years; if so we would love to include them as part of this EARTH(E)Y and ARTH(E)Y family history.

If you would like to contribute with WWII stories and reminiscences then please contact Rikk Earthy

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