The earliest known spelling of the name ARTHY first appeared in the Parish register of Lindsey in Suffolk, which recorded the baptism of Mary Arthy on the 22nd of January 1693, Mary was the fourth daughter of James and Mary Arthee of Boxford, Suffolk.
The name does not appear again for another 10 years until the marriage of Thomas Arthy to widow Mary Clerk in Lindsey on the 10th of May 1703.
The earliest known spelling of the name ARTHEY first appeared in the Parish register of Kelvedon in Essex, which recorded the baptism of Mary Arthey on the 14th of August 1695, Mary was the daughter of John and Mary Arthey of Layer Marney, Essex.
Unfortunately the early registers of Layer Marney were lost or destroyed and only start from 1742.
During the 1600:s and early 1700:s we find a variety of different spellings namely, Athey, Athay, Atthey, Arthee, Athee and Attey but only four surnames have established their identity through the past 250 years, ARTHEY, ARTHY, EARTHY and ATHEY.
The only Earthy line is descended from the marriage of Thomas Arthy and Mary Clerk in 1703, and the only Athey line is descended from the marriage of William Athey (Baker of Mildenhall, Suffolk.) and Ann Hebberd in 1770.
A close examination of all the Arthy/Arthey entries that have been found through the 18th century, shows that the first Arthey families appeared in Ardleigh in Essex, and Lindsey in Suffolk around the mid 1750:s.
The very large Arthey tree of Ardleigh is descended from Samuel Arthy born on the 24th of November 1730.
He married Rose Brewster at Great Bentley in 1757, all siblings from this marriage and their descendants to the present day have the Arthey surname. (His marriage record gives his name as Earthy)
The large Arthey tree of Lindsey is descended from Joshua Arthy born on the 5th of October 1754.
All his siblings and their descendants to the present day also have the surname Arthey.
The marriage of John Arthy of Wakes Colne in Essex, to Elizabeth Keeble on the 14th of September 1779 in Ardleigh resulted in both Arthy and Arthey surnames to the present day.
All our Australian cousins have the surname Arthy being descendants of two Arthy brothers William and Thomas henry of Wakes Colne who emigrated to Australia in the 1870:s.
Births and Marriages (including re marrying) 1837 - 2000
Number of Arthey registered Births
Number of Arthy registered Births
Number of Arthey registered Marriages
Number of Arthy registered Marriages
By early 2002 I shall hopefully have on record 95% of all the paternal Arthey/Arthy lines from the family Records Centre of Registered Births & Marriages from 1837-2000. I work from A1 size charts for all the Arthey/Arthy family and have summarized each chart for lines from a particular but important marriage and the parishes where they came from.

Introduction by John Arthy.

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