Two brothers William (left) and Thomas Henry Arthy (right) emigrated to Australia, William was the first, he arrived at Brisbane in 1870 on the 'Flying Cloud' twelve years later his older brother Henry arrived in 1882 on the 'Chyebassa'.
The family photograph from 1865, taken perhaps just prior to William and Jane's departure to Australia. The photograph shows the family of William Arthy the Blacksmith, son of James Arthy and Elizabeth Francis. William was born in Aldham in 1811, he married Mary Everett in Wakes Colne, Essex in 1833 he died in 1881.
Top row from the left: William Arthy, Thomas Henry Arthy, (unknown), (unknown), (unknown).
Bottom row from the left: Jane (nee Lay), Ellen Arthy, Mary Arthy (nee Everett) William Arthy (Blacksmith), Emma Arthy, (unknown).

William and Jane Arthy
William Arthy and his family arrived in Brisbane aboard the 'Flying Cloud' on the 30th of August 1870, the ship was under the command of Captain Owen, and had sailed from London on the 4th of June.
William (1834-1888) Blacksmith by trade was accompanied on the passage by his wife Jane (1837-1897) and their 7 children:
William Robert aged 11.
Thomas aged 10.
Llewellyn aged 8.
Marion Emily aged 6.
Francis Charles (Frank) aged 4.
Alfred (Dick) aged 2.
and Charles aged 1.
William and Jane were later to have eight more children born in Australia:
Harry born 1873.
Cecelia (Lilla) born1874.
Cecil born 1874.
Dora (Dody) born 1876.
Robert Lay (Bunny) born 1879.
Ellen (Nellie) born 1881.
The Flying Cloud
Photo from: Some Famous Ships and Their Builders by Donald McKay, ship information from The Ships List. and Immagrant Ship Information.
The Flying Cloud
The record breaking American clipper the 'Flying Cloud' was launched at the shipyard of Donald McKay, East Boston, on the 15th of April 1851, her days ended when she went ashore on the Beacon Island bar on the 19th of June 1874 and was condemned and sold, in June 1875 she was burned having been stripped of her copper and metal fastenings.

Thomas Henry Arthy
Thomas Henry Arthy and his family arrived in Cooktown aboard the 'Chyebassa' on the 3rd of May 1882, the ship was under the command of Captain Morris, and had sailed from Plymouth on the 15th March 1882.
Henry (1846-1914) was accompanied on the passage by his wife Elizabeth (1846-1927) and their 5 children:
Annie Elizabeth aged 10.
William Henry aged 7.
Percy Albert aged 5.
Kate aged 4.
Harry Sydney aged 1.
Henry and Elizabeth were later to have three more children born in Australia:
Alice Edith 1883.
Fredrick George 1885.
Edward Walter 1889.
Henry returned to England for a short time aboard the ship Iberia in April 1886, another record shows that the purpose of this journey was to 'pick up tools' it is not known how long he stayed or the date of his return to Australia.
The Chyebassa
Photo from the: World Ship Society in England, ship information from The Ships List. and Immagrant Ship Information.
The " Chyebassa" was the first of three ships with this name owned by the British India Steam Navigation Co. Built in 1874 by Wm Denny & Bros, Dumbarton, she was one of three sister ships, the other two being "Almora" and "Ava". She was a 2,664 gross ton ship, length 106,74m x beam 11,09m (350.2ft x 36.4ft), Straight stem, one funnel, three masts (barquentine rigged for sail), iron construction, single screw and a speed of 10 knots. There was accommodation for 41-1st and 18-2nd class passengers. Launched on 28th July 1874, she was delivered to BI on September 8th. On 6th May 1881, she was put on the London - Suez - Batavia - Brisbane "Queensland Royal Mail" service and stayed on this route until making her last Australia voyage on 24th November 1896. Scrapped at Bombay in 1900.

Clarence Henry Arthy joined the Australian Imperial Force, click here for information.
Research by John Arthy, Barbara Arthy.
& Rikk Earthy June 2001.Thanks to Keith Jllings for the family photograph.