Origin of name: Chester means the camp or fort. The Britons originally called it Legacchestir, meaning the camp of the legions. This was then shortened to chester, a corruption of the Latin word castra.
Name first recorded: 980 as Legeceasterscir.

Charles Martin, Head, Retired railway clerk, aged 45, born Whitchurch, Shropshire.
Ellen Martin, wife, occupation-Sub-postmistress, age 36, born Newport, Shropshire.
Alexander A. Martin, son, age 14, born Whitchurch, Shropshire.
Florence M. Martin, daughter, age 12, born Whitchurch Shropshire.
Annie K. Martin, daughter, age 6, born Earlham Cheshire.
Annie Arthy, Mother in Law, age 65 (widow), born High Offley, Staffordshire.
Annie Arthy, Sister in Law, occupation-Post office assistant, age 32 (single) born Newport Shropshire.