If your surname is Earthy or Earthey then in all probability you are a descendant from one of two branches started by 2 brothers Thomas (Suffolk) and William (Essex) if your surname is Earthey you are most likely from the Essex branch.
1) Thomas Earthy baptised on the 4th of October 1713 started the Suffolk branch, the families lived and worked in and around the market town of Stowmarket.
2) William Earthy baptised on the 21st of September 1719 started the Essex branch, the families lived and worked in and around the village of Little Clacton.
Thomas and William are currently the earliest recorded people in a researched unbroken line that used the surname Earthy which is now carried on to the present day, on certain documents they are also recorded as Thomas & William Atthey.
We can clearly see at this point in time the interaction of the surname Earthy/Arthy/Atthey as Thomas and William's siblings Mary (1703) James (1705) John (1708) and Elizabeth (1710) were all recorded as Arthy's. Also their father Thomas (1679) is recorded as having the surname Atthey and their grandfather James (ca 1653) is recorded as having the surname Arthee.
Births and Marriages (including re marrying) 1837 - 1940
Number of Earthy registered Births
Number of Earthey registered Births
Number of Earthy registered Marriages
Number of Earthey registered Marriages
Total number of individuals on the family tree from 1713 - 2002
Earthy 441
Earthey 86
However even though Thomas and William have the honour of starting the present day Earthy/Earthey families there are records of a group of Earthy's living in the county of Huntingdonshire in 1578.
Unfortunately current research has been unable to find any connection to this group, they do remain however the oldest recorded members of both the Arthy & Earthy families.
Introduction by Mark Earthy.
Margaret Masters holds many birth, marriage and death records for the Earthy/Earthey family as well as a large family tree.
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