Origin of name: Greek and Roman writers referred to Kention, and Kent has the distinction of being the oldest county name in Britain still in use.
The Romans called the inhabitants Cantii and their kingdom the land of the Cantii. Celtic 'caint' could mean 'open country'.
Name first recorded: 55BC.
County Motto: Invicta 'Unconquered'.

7 Adolphus Street, Deptford St. Paul.
George Arthey age 32, Head, occupation-Jeweller, born London, Middlesex.
Selina Arthey age 30, wife, born Pentonville, Middlesex.
Selina G. Arthey age 7, daughter, born Burlington Arcade, Middlesex.
Miriam Arthey age 6, daughter, born Burlington Arcade, Middlesex.
Helen Arthey age 4, daughter, born Burlington Arcade, Middlesex.
Reuben Arthey age 3, son, born New Cross, Kent.
Ruth Arthey age 2, daughter, born New Cross, Kent.
Rosendal, Beckenham.
Emma Arthey age 22, occupation-Domestic Servant to Stock Broker, born Essex.
Derby Arms, Ramsgate.
George F. Arthy, Head, occupation-Licensed Victualler, age 50, born Wakes Colne, Essex.
Emma Arthy, wife, age 50, born Spitalfields, London.
Grosvenor House, Westerham.
Harriet Arthey, occupation-Servant, Cook, age 20, born Ardleigh, Essex.
Esther Arthey, occupation-Servant, Housemaid, age 19, born Ardleigh, Essex.
25 Achilles Street, Deptford.
George F. Barrett, Head, occupation-Blacksmith, age 49, born Bristol, Gloucestershire.
Emily Barrett, wife, age 39, born Little Clacton, Essex.
Jessie M.A. Arthey, niece, age 7, born Little Clacton, Essex.