Origin of name: Greek and Roman writers referred to Kention, and Kent has the distinction of being the oldest county name in Britain still in use.
The Romans called the inhabitants Cantii and their kingdom the land of the Cantii. Celtic 'caint' could mean 'open country'.
Name first recorded: 55BC.
County Motto: Invicta 'Unconquered'.

Queen Street, St. Margarets Rochester.
Elizabeth Earthey, age 41.
Emma Earthey, age 9.
Charles Earthey, age 5.
Charlotte Earthey, age 3.
Garden Place, St. Margaret Rochester.
Charles Earthy age 65, widower Head, occupation-Carver and Gilder, born Marylebone, Middlesex.
Charles Earthy age 15, son, occupation-Carver and Gilder, born Strood, Kent.
Charlotte Earthy age 13, daughter, born Lenham, Kent.
Chatham Barracks.
William Earthy, age 38, Private, born Little Clacton Essex.
Royal Artillery Barracks, Woolwich Dockyard.
Thomas Earthy, age 20, Soldier, born Dorking Surrey.
Royal Marine Barracks, Chatham.
Spencer Earthy age 23, Private, Royal Marine Light Infantry, 1st Division, born Chelmsford, Essex.
Clifton Villa, Main Road, Bexley.
Thomas Ford, age 53, Head, occupation-Tobacco Pipe Manufacturer, born Stepney, Middlesex.
Laura Ford, age 55, wife, born Stepney, Middlesex.
Thomas Ford, age 26, son, born Middlesex.
William Ford, age 23, son, born Bexleyheath, Kent.
Sidney Ford, age 17, son, occupation-Grocer’s Assistant, born Bexleyheath, Kent.
Florence Earthy, age 9, granddaughter, born Stowmarket.
Ethel Earthy, age 8, granddaughter, born Stepney.
Clifton Villa, Warren Road, Bexley.
Laura Ford, age 67, Head, living on own means, born Suffolk.
Sydney Ford, age 27, son, occupation-Grocer’s Assistant, born Bexleyheath, Kent.
Robert Earthy, age 22, nephew, occupation-Grocer’s Assistant, born Chelmsford, Essex.
Florence Earthy age 18, granddaughter, born Stowmarket, Suffolk.
Kate Earthy, age 20, granddaughter, born Stowmarket, Suffolk.