Origin of name: From the Brittonic/Anglo-saxon meaning 'the Roman fort on the River Lane'. The local English population often called any Roman settlement 'ceaster' - hence
lune-ceaster which became Lancester.
Name first recorded: 1127 as Loncastra.
County Motto: In Concilo Consilium 'In Counsel is Wisdom'.

120 Manchester Road, Aldham.
Robert W. Arthy, Lodger, occupation-Solicitor, age 26, born Rochford, Essex.
68 St. Domingo Road Shop, Everton.
Annie Arthy age 44M, wife (Head), occupation-Marine Store Dealer, born Mould, Flint, Wales.
Edmund C. Jones age 22, son, occupation-Labourer, born Manchester, Lancashire.
John James Jones age 18, son, occupation-Carter, born Manchester, Lancashire.
Wm. Henry Jones age 16, son, occupation-Clerk, born Manchester, Lancashire.
Mary A. Sweeney age 11, daughter, born Manchester Lancashire.
Caroline H. Sweeney age 9, daughter, born Ireland.
Catherine Sweeney age 7, daughter, born Birkenhead, Cheshire.
Fredk. N.E. Arthy age 3, son, born Liverpool, Lancashire.
Joseph Lee (Arthy) age 12, adptd. son, born New Brighton, Cheshire.
2 Oakleigh Grove, West Derby.
Jno, Elliot Arthy age 31M, occupation-Broker, born England.
(lodging with John and Catherine Higgins, Tailors).
2 Beaufort Villas, Stretford.
William R.B. Arthy age 65M, Head, occupation-Chaplain of Blind Asylum (Clergyman), born Colchester, Essex.
Lucy E. Arthy age 52, wife, born Stockport, Cheshire.
George T.S. Arthy age 19, son, occupation-Student (Medical), born Macclesfield, Cheshire.
Mary Jones age 21U, daughter, occupation-General Servant, born Mold, Flint, Wales.
21 Brighton Street, Salford.
Margaret Arthy, Head, occupation-Housekeeper, age 27 (widow) born America.
Walter Arthy, son, age 6, born Ashton.
Elizabeth M. Arthy, daughter, age 9, born Hereford.
Robert W. Arthy, son, age 5, born Hereford.
Joseph Boddington, Lodger, occupation-House painter, age 52, born Oxford.
23 Shakespeare Street, Everton.
Annie Arthy, Visitor, occupation-Charwoman, age 50, born Bangor, Wales.
100 King Street, Southport.
Emily Arthy, Head, occupation-Company House Keeper, age 55, born Southgate, Middlesex.
Emily Franks, daughter, No occupation, age 14, born Sheffield.
John Arthy, son, occupation-Telegraph messenger, age 14, born Sheffield.
Catherine Arthy, daughter, age 9, born Bolton, Lancashire.
6 Barlow Street, Chorlton on Medlock.
Joseph Boddington, occupation-Head, Painter, age 45, born Oxford.
Mary Boddington, wife, age 35, born New York (British subject).
W.A. Arthy, stepson, occupation-Brass finisher, age 17, born Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire.
R.W. Arthy, stepson, occupation-Brass finisher, age 15, born Hereford.
E.M. Arthy, stepdaughter, occupation-Machinist, age 16, born Hereford.
J. Boddington, age 11, born Manchester, Lancashire.
A. Boddington, age 9, born Manchester, Lancashire.
F. Boddington, age 2, born Manchester, Lancashire.
J. Boddington, age 3 months, born Manchester, Lancashire.
78 Dorset Street, Hulme, Manchester.
G. Seaman Arthy, Head, occupation-General Practitioner, age 20, born Macclesfield, Lancashire.
Annie Eliza Arthy, wife, age 27, born Manchester, Lancashire.
Eric Bruce Arthy, son, age 1, born Manchester, Lancashire.
337, Hawthorne Road, Bootle.
Sarah E. Arthey, occupation-Servant, age 35, born Liverpool, Lancashire.
1 Jackson’s Grove, Southport.
Emily Franks, Head, occupation-Lodge House Keeper, age 34, born Southgate, Middlesex.
Cecil Franks, son, age 9, born Southport, Lancashire.
Emily Franks, Mother, age 66 (widow), born Southgate, Middlesex.
William Arthy, brother, age 38, born Southgate, Middlesex.
12 Newsham Drive, Walton on the Hill.
Sarah Arthy, occupation-Cook domestic, age 45, born Liverpool, Lancashire.
45 Marsland Street, South Manchester.
Henry Green, Head, occupation-with the Carter Railway, age 29, born Lancashire.
Violet Green, wife, age 25, born Bury, Lancashire.
Robert William Arthy, Brother in Law, occupation-Fitter Engine, age 24, born Hereford.
Rose Ann Arthy, Sister, occupation-Charwoman, age 23, born Bury, Lancashire.
Elizabeth Maud Arthy, daughter, age 2, born Failsworth, Lancashire.
Robert William Arthy, son, age 1, born Hulme, Lancashire.