Origin of name: From the Brittonic/Anglo-saxon meaning 'the Roman fort on the River Lane'. The local English population often called any Roman settlement 'ceaster' - hence
lune-ceaster which became Lancester.
Name first recorded: 1127 as Loncastra.
County Motto: In Concilo Consilium 'In Counsel is Wisdom'.

20 Margaret Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool.
Charles Earthy, age 34, Head, occupation-Carver and gilder, born Rochester, Kent.
Charles Earthy, age 12, son, born Liverpool, Lancashire.
Elizabeth Earthy, age 8, daughter, born Liverpool, Lancashire.
Frederick Earthy, age 6, daughter, born Liverpool, Lancashire.
Louisa Earthy, age 4, daughter, born Liverpool, Lancashire.
Margaret Earthy, age 2, daughter, born Liverpool, Lancashire.
William Earthy, under 2 months, son, born Liverpool, Lancashire.
26 Noel Street, Toxteth Park.
Charles James Earthy age 48, Head, occupation-Foreman Gilder, born Kings Town, London.
Ellen Earthy age 50, wife, born Wales.
Joseph Earthy age 22, son, occupation-Foreman Gilder, born Edge Hill, Liverpool, Lancashire.
William Earthy age 19, son, occupation-French polisher, born Edge Hill, Liverpool, Lancashire.
Louisa Earthy age 15, daughter, born Edge Hill, Liverpool, Lancashire.
Margaret Earthy age 12, daughter, born Edge Hill,
13 Overbury Street, Liverpool.
Charles J. Earthy, age 51, Head, occupation-Carver and gilder, born Rochester, Kent.
Ellen Earthy, age 59, wife, born Ruthin, Denbigh, Wales.
Jane Woodward, age 22, stepdaughter, born Liverpool, Lancashire.
48 Brunswick Street, Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester.
Samuel Earthy, age 27, Lodger, occupation-Coachbuilder foreman, born Stowmarket, Suffolk.
Annie M. Earthy, age 26, Lodger, born Nesthorpe, Suffolk.
Edge Hill, Liverpool.
Charles Earthy, age 63, Head, occupation-Carver and gilder, born Rochester, Kent.
Ellen Earthy, age 68, wife, born Ruthin, Wales.
248 Falkner Street, Edge, Hill, Liverpool.
Robert Earthy, age 38, Head, occupation-Hairdresser, born Liverpool, Lancashire.
Alice Earthy, age 25, wife, born Wrexham, Denbigh.
Edward Earthy, age 16, son, occupation-General Baker’s Apprentice, born Wrexham Denbigh.
Broad Green Road, Huyton with Roby.
Elizabeth Earthy, age 40, occupation-Domestic servant, born Liverpool, Lancashire.