Origin of name: Leicester is an English corruption of the Latin ''a fort on the river Leire''. The 12th century writer William of Malmesbury referred to the Leire as the Legra.
Name first recorded: 1087 as Laegreceastrescir.
County Motto: For'ard, For'ard.

45 Lincoln Street, Leicester.
Mentor A. Chadwick, age 63, Head, occupation-Public Accountant born Newington Surrey.
Elizabeth Chadwick, age 63, wife, born Northampton.
Alice S. Chadwick, age 30, daughter, born Hackney, Middlesex.
Walter E. Chadwick, age 28, son, occupation-Clerk to Brewery Company, born Hackney, Middlesex.
George Earthy, age 30, Boarder, Traveller (Occupation-ironmonger) born Chelmsford, Essex.