Origin of name: Its early Briton name was Lindum, meaning a lake (Llyn) - a widening of thr River Witham - and a hillfort (dun), which would have stood above the river,
which often flooded. The Romans named the place Lindum colonia: a colony or settlement for retired soldiers.
County Motto: Labore Omnia Florent 'All things prosper by industry'

The Lincolnshire Arthey's originate from Ardleigh in Essex. via James Arthey born on the first of March 1829 (son of Samuel and Elizabeth).
James married Caroline Lewis at Ardleigh on the 14th of May 1850 and they were to have 17 children, 4 sons and 13 daughters.
Their first sibling was a son Samuel James born 1850 at Ardleigh. Samuel James was to marry Clara Jane Goodfellow and live in Grimsby. His occupation was a fisherman and interestingly, the 1881 census mentions he was Master of the fishing vessel 'British Workman'. They had 9 children born in Grimsby and Caistor and four of his sons were also fishermen.
There is only one surviving Arthey line re Samuel 's third son James Frederick Goodfellow Arthey who was born 1883 and married Edith Sellars on the 23rd of March 1913.
Married, Age, Sex
Samuel James Arthey
M -30 - M
Ardleigh, Essex
Alfred Mc Greggor
U -20 - M
London, Middlesex
Henery Edmunds
U -22 - M
London, Middlesex
A B Seaman Fisherman
Ben W. Miller
U - 19 - M
Barking, Essex
A B Seaman Fisherman
William Waller
U - 16 - M
Ardleigh, Essex
Boy Apprentice
The fishing vessel British Workman as in the 1881 census Ships in Port.
A photograph of James Frederick Goodfellow Arthey taken possibly around 1915.
A Family photograph taken in Scarborough, possibly around 1917.
Roden Arthey in the pushchair, been pushed by his mother Edith Sellars, along side his farther James Frederick Goodfellow Arthey along with Samual James and Clara Goodfellow.
Thanks to Elaine Stones for the photographs.
Research John Arthy February 2002.