St Peter's Church
'A church with ten acres of land' is recorded in Domesdday in 1086 and there may well have been several earlier buildings on the site: amongst the flints on the outside of the chancel are what appear to be Roman bricks. Tanner's list of incumbents starts at 1302 and the present simple church, consisting of nave, chancel, south aisle and timber south porch, is all early 14th century. the original 'square, but not lofty tower', with battlements and buttresses was taken down, presumably because it was unsafe and there was no money to rebuild in 1836, and replaced by a weather-boarded bell turret.
In the period of Suffolk's prosperity, during the growth of the wool trade, Lindsey was important enough to give its name to the cloth known as Lindsey-wool, a material used for women's everyday garments. Now however the parish is small and the houses are scattered.
Five grave stones of the Arthey family, from the left:
Edith Eliza, Wife of John Arthey, died 22nd September 1933 age 85.
John Arthey, Died 24th April 1897 age 52.
Lucy, Wife of Philip Vincent Arthey, died 27th November 1895 age 76.
Philip Vincent Arthey, Died 23rd November 1886 age 66.
Joshua Arthey, Died 6th November 1817 age 27.
The grave stone of Stanley, seconed son of John & Edith E Arthey who died 1st May 1952 age 70.
The grave stone of John Arthey, who died 9th July 1847 age 52.
The grave stone of Emily, (wife of Joseph Earthy) who died 11th October 1866 age 75. Possibly also the grave of Joseph, as the inscripitions on one side were weathered away
The grave stone of John Spalding Arthey, born 10th january 1820, died 28th May 1889, also Sarah...
Research by Bernard Quinlan 1998, John Arthy, Barbara Arthy.