Origin of name: From the Old English meaning the territory of the Middle Saxons (between Essex, Wessex and Sussex).
Name first recorded: 704 as Middleseaxan.

St. Rabere Street, Finsbury.
Charles Arthy, Head, occupation-Journeyman Baker, age 24, born Colchester, Essex.
Sarah Arthy, wife, occupation-Milliner, age 23, born St. Luke’s.
Marian Arthy, daughter, age 4, born St. Luke’s.
Thomas Arthy, son, age 3 weeks, born St. Luke’s.
9 Dumford Place, St. Pancras.
William Arthy, Head, occupation-Undertaker’s man, age 51, born Aldham, Essex.
Susan Arthy, wife, occupation-Laundress, age 49, born Cochford, Essex.
Helen Arthy, daughter, occupation-In the laundry, age 14, born Kentish Town.
Emma Arthy, daughter, age 9, born Kentish Town.
18 Upper St. Martins Lane, Westminster.
Joshua Arthy, Head, occupation-Domestic servant (waiter) age 56, born Kersey, Suffolk.
Caroline Arthy, wife, occupation-Domestic servant (cook) age 37, born Ireland.
22 Colville Square, Chelsea.
Elizabeth Arthy, occupation-Housemaid, age 18, born Ardleigh, Essex.
9 At. Ann’s Villas, Kensington.
Jane Arthy, occupation-General Servant, age 17, born Lindsey, Suffolk.
4 Mansfield Street, St. Marylebone.
Ellen Arthy age 31U, occupation-Cook Domestic, born Copford, Essex.
Emma Arthy age 25U, occupation-Housemaid Domestic, born Copford, Essex.
30 Abbey Road, St. Marylebone.
Matilda Arthey age 21, occupation-Servant to Instrument Manufacturer and his family, born Ardleigh, Essex.
53 Tavistock Square, St. Pancras.
Matilda Athey age 24U, occupation-Cook to Importer and Factor, born Ardleigh, Essex.
4 Anatola Road, Islington.
Frederick Arthey age 32, Head, occupation-Bricklayer, born Ardleigh, Essex.
Elizabeth Arthey age 32, wife, born Wix, Essex.
Kate Arthey age 9, daughter, born Ardley, Essex.
Ada Arthey age 7, daughter, born Ardley, Essex.
Charles Arthey age 5, son, born Ardley, Essex.
Arthur Arthey age 4, son, born Ardley, Essex.
John Arthey age 1, son, born Islington, Middlesex.
Homerton Vicarage, 111 High Street, Hackney.
Frederick R. Blatch age 41, Head, occupation-Vicar of St. Barnabas Homerton, born Scotland.
Eleanor M. Blatch age 29, wife, born Scotland.
Mary A.H.Brand age 24, sister in law, born Scotland.
Joseph Pinnock age 50M, occupation-Church Verger, born Bradfield, Essex.
Frances Pinnock age 38M, occupation-Domestic Servant, born Hingham, Norfolk.
Henry Arthy age 14, son born Paddington.
18 Upper St. Martins Lane, St. Martin in the Fields.
Joshua Arthey age 65, Head, occupation-Dom. Serv. (Waiter), born Kersey, Suffolk.
Caroline Arthey age 45, wife, occupation-Dom. Serv. (Cook), born Riamond, Ireland.
424 Old Ford Road, Bow.
George F. Arthy age 40, Head, occupation-Beer Retailer (Seller), born Wakes Colne, Essex.
Emma Arthy age 40, wife, born Spitalfields.
Harry F. Arthy age 11, son, born Harold Wood, Essex.
28 Locksley Street, Limehouse.
Henry F. Arthy, Head, occupation-Railway Ticket Collector, age 32, born Colchester, Essex..
Sarah Arthy, wife, age 31, born Mile End.
Matilda Frost, Stepdaughter, age 8, born Clerkenwell.
26 Chester Terrace, St. Pancras.
Ellen Arthy, occupation-Servant, Cook, age 40, born Stanway, Essex.
39 Prince of Wales Crescent.
William Arthy, Head, age 73, born Aldham, Essex.
Elizabeth Arthy, wife, age 52, born Denton, Norfolk.
14 Portland Place, Marylebone.
Emma Arthy, occupation-Servant, Housemaid, age 37, born Brixton, London.
23 Monteith Road, Bow.
Harry F. Arthy, Lodger, occupation-Carman, age 22, born Harold Wood, Essex.
9 High Street, Hackney.
Henry Arthy, Head, occupation-Plumber, age 24, born Paddington.
Mary A. Arthy, wife, age 23, born Chatham, Kent.
Jeremiah Mordy, father in law, Naval pensioner, age 70 (widower) born Cossey, Norfolk.
42 Despard Road, Islington.
Ada Arthey, occupation-Servant, age 18, born Colchester, Essex.
8 Ralph Street, Islington.
Frederick Arthey, Head, occupation-Bricklayer, age 42, born Ardleigh, Essex.
Elizabeth Arthey, wife, age 41, born Wix, Essex.
Charles Arthey, son, age 17, born Ardleigh, Essex.
Arthur J. Arthey, son, occupation-Office boy, age 16, born Ardleigh, Essex.
John Arthey, son, age 12, born Islington.
Henry Arthey, son, age 8, born Islington.
9 Brede Street, Islington.
Frederick Arthy, Head, occupation-Groom Coachman, age 31, born Colchester, Essex.
Rachel Arthy, wife, age 33, born City of London.
Ellen Arthy, daughter, age 10, born Islington.
46 Russell Road, Kensington.
Mary C. Arthey, occupation-Parlour maid, age 22, born Ardleigh, Essex.
10 Abercorn Villa, Water Lane, Harrow.
Charles Jas Arthy, Head, Living on own means, age 38, born Wstead, Essex.
Agnes K. Arthy, wife, age 38, born N.W. London.
Charles F.S. Arthy, son, age 9, born Camberwell.
Agnes J.R. Arthy, daughter, age 14, born Islington.
Frances C. Arthy, daughter, age 1, born Old St. Pancras.
117 Fairfoot Road, Bromley St. Leonard.
Henry Arthy, Head, occupation-Ticket Collector, age 45, born Colchester, Essex.
Sarah Arthy, wife, age 40, born Clerkenwell.
George Frost, Stepson, occupation-Dock Labourer, age 20, born City of London.
Matilda Frost, Stepdaughter, occupation-Machinist, age 18, born Clerkenwell.
William Arthy, son, age 9, born Limehouse.
Eleanor Arthy, daughter, age 6, born Bromley.
John Arthy, son, age 4, born Bromley.
Susan Arthy, daughter, age 2, born Bromley.
Edward Arthy, son, age 2 months, born Bromley.
Belhaven, Shepherds Hill, Hornsey.
Matilda E. Arthey, occupation-Servant, Nurse (domestic), age 31, born Ardleigh, Essex.
65 Grange Street, Shoreditch.
Charles T. Arthy, Head, occupation-Coach Painter’s labourer, age 57, born Colchester, Essex.
Hannah Arthy, wife, age 53, born Colchester, Essex.
Charles T. Arthy, son, occupation-Private Royal Marines, age 24, born Shoreditch.
William E. Arthy, occupation-Artificial Florist, age 18, born Shoreditch.
8 Ralph Street, Islington.
Frederick Arthey, Head, occupation-Bricklayer, age 52, born Ardleigh, Essex.
Betsy Arthey, wife, age 51, born Wix, Essex.
Albert Cook, adopted, age 9, born Hackney.
123-127 High Street, Kensington (Pontings Department Store).
Gertrude Arthy, occupation-Draper’s Assistant, age 19, born Blackmore, Essex.
69 Bishop’s Road, Bethnal Green.
Harry Frank Arthy, occupation-Waiter, age 32, born Romford, Essex.
68a Brook Green, Hammersmith.
Maria Arthey, occupation-Domestic servant, age 36, born Ardleigh, Essex.
71 The Grove, Hammersmith.
Ada Arthey, occupation-Domestic servant, age 24, born Ardleigh, Essex.
19 Hind Street, Poplar.
John Arthey, Head, occupation-Ships Clerk, age 23, born Whepstead, Suffolk.
Ann Arthey, wife, age 25, born Poplar.
131 Alpha Road, Poplar.
William Henry Arthey, Boarder, occupation-General Labourer, age 27, born Berechurch Essex.
117 Fairfoot Road, Bromley.
Henry Arthy, occupation-Railway Ticket Collector, age 52, born Colchester, Essex.
Sarah Arthy, wife, age 50, born Clerkenwell.
William Arthy, daughter, occupation-Mantle Warehouseman, age 19, born Limehouse.
Ellen Arthy, daughter, occupation-Fancy Box Maker, age 16, born Bromley.
John Arthy, son, occupation-Commercial Clerm, age 14, born Bromley.
Edward Arthy, son, age 12, born Bromley.
Benjamin Arthy, son, age 7, born Bromley.