Photograph from the Metropolitan Police Service History

The Metropolitan Police Act 1829 defined the original Metropolitan Police District as an area of about seven miles radius from Charing Cross. The second Act in 1839 amended this to include the whole of Middlesex and those parishes in the counties of Surrey, Hertfordsahire, Essex and Kent which were not more than 15 miles in a straight line from Charing Cross (except the City of London). By 1869 the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police was divided into 4 districts, each of which had a number of Divisons, as follows:
No. 1 District: G - Finsbury; H - Whitechapel; K - Stepney; N - Islington; and Thames Division.
No. 2 District: D - Marylebone; E - Holborn; S - Hampstead; X - Paddington; Y - Highgate.
No. 3 District A - Whitehall; B - Westminster; C - St. James's; T - Kensington; V - Wandsworth.
No. 4 District: L - Lambeth; M - Southwark; P - Camberwell; R - Greenwich; W - Clapham.
There was also an F Division (Covent Garden) and, in 1886, J Divison (Bethnal Green) was added.
Each division was in charge of a superintendent, under whom were four inspectors and sixteen sergeants. The regulations demanded that recruits should be under thirty-five, well built, at least five feet seven in height, literate and of good character. The minimum age is usually considered to be twenty but certificates of service include recruiits as young as eighteen.
Records of Metropolitan Police pensioners who retired or resigned between 1852 and 1932 and who were granted a police pension.
Edwin Earthy
Edwin Earthy, Inspector.
Discharged due to ill health on 5./8/1858, aged 44.
Height: 5'9", light hair, blue eyes, fair complexion.
Born: Stowmarket, Suffolk 15/7/1814 to William and Maria.
Entered into Service 25/6/1838 joined T division.
Promoted to Serjeant: 25/1/1845.
Promoted to Inspector: 21/4/1856 then transferred to S division.
Injuries during Service: Pistol shot through the right thigh by a prisoner.
Wife: Mary Ann Address on leaving: Barnet, Herts.
News Of The World - Sunday the 12th of October 1851.
News Of The World - Sunday the 30th of November 1851.
Click on the newspaper to read the first page story of how Edwin was shot in the leg by two 'Highwaymen' as printed on the 12th of October 1851, the verdict by the Lord Chief Justice can be viewed by reading the page 7 story on 30th of November 1851.
Edwin was born on the 15th July 1814 and died on the 31st December 1887, he married Mary Ann Godbold at the All Saints Church in Fulham on the 12th September 1846, they had nine children:
Edwin Kerridge 1847 - 1875.
Charles Owen 1848 - 1850.
Kate Augusta 1850
Owen Charles 1851 - 1922.
Alice Emma 1853.
Henry Robert 1855 - 1921.
Spencer Loxton 1857 - 1858.
Spencer Loxton 1858 - 1917.
Garibaldi 1860 (Emigrated to the USA).
Edith Fox 1863.
(The Suffolk pages have more about Edwin & his family)

Harry Earthey
Harry Earthey, PC.
Born Holborn - 2nd March 1863.
Joined Met at Kentish Town 13/2./1882.
Warrant No: 91115 or 66284 (?).
Served in Y Division, A, C, W, R & N.
Resigned: 18/2./1907 at age 44.
Rank: P.C.
Remuneration at retirement: 1. 13. 6d per week.
Height: 5'9" Description: Hair light brown, turning grey, hazel eyes, fresh complexion.

Wife: Mary Annie Alice, 14 Lyndhurst Road, Edmonton.

Harry rejoined the force on the 15th June 1916 for '21 days' (Warrent no 03169 /Station code J) during the time of King George V Coronation which was on the 22nd June 1911.

Harry was the son of Painter (Hotel Porter) James Earthey, he married Mary Annie Ralph on the 25th or 26th of December 1886 in Plaistow, Essex.
Their 2nd child (Henrietta Mary1887, Henry Ralph (Harry)1888. Ada Florence 1890) Harry Ralph Earthey was a Sergeant in the Royal Field Artillery during WWI.
The Queen Victoria's Police Jubilee Medal 1897 and King Edward's Police Coronation Medal 1902, as worn by Harry in the photograph above.

The Coronation was held on the 9th August 1902 - the medal probably came out later in the year. The photograph was probably taken on either Harry's 40th birthday or pending retirement. Studio photos then seemed to be taken on special occasions only.

William Earthy
William Earthy was born on the 8th August 1891 in Stowmarket, Suffolk. He joined the Metropolitan Police on the 22nd December 1913, age 22, as PC437'W', Warrant No. 103522. He was 5 ft. 11 1/4 inches tall and was a labourer before joining the force. William later became PC 1119 'W' before transferring to No.4 Division (Chatham Dockyard) as PC422 on the 30th November 1914 in time for the First World War and security of HM Dockyards during that time.
William was later assigned two more numbers, becoming PC140 and PC325 before joining the army on the 9th June 1918. He served with the army until the 17th January 1919 and then returned to the police as PC305'W'
On the 1st January 1932, there was a major police boundary change including 'W' and 'L' divisions and William was transferred to 'L' division on that date to become PC425'L'.
PC425'L' Earthy retired on the 25th December 1938, age 47, after 25 years, 4 days loyal service. He received a Certificate denoting 'Exemplary' Conduct and a pension of 153.13s.5d per annum.
William was the 9th child of Edward and Rebecca Earthy.
Edward Earthy born 1850 in Stowmarket (Died 1933) married on the 8th January 1878 in Stowmarket Rebecca Parker (1853 -1911)
Their 9 children and William's siblings were:
May Ethel Earthy born Stowmarket 1878, died 1916.
Albert Edward Earthy born Stowmarket 1880, died 1923.
Florence Maud Earthy born Stowmarket 1882, died 1883.
Grace Earthy born Stowmarket 1883.
Percy William Earthy born Stowmarket 1885, died 1962.
John Earthy born Stowmarket 1885, died 1885.
Russell Earthy born Stowmarket 1897, died 1962.
Lily Earthy born Stowmarket 1889, died 1890.
William Earthy born Stowmarket 1891.
Sydney Earthy born 1893, died 1985.
William married Mary Mahoney in Medway in 1918, there is no record of them having any children.
William passed away in retirement on the 17th February 1947, age 55.
Research by Margaret Masters November 2000, November 2002, Colin Hatton December 2001, Rikk Earthy November 2000, March 2002, October 2002.
Thanks to John and Yvonne Cutter & Colin Hatton for supplying the portrait and medal photographs December 2001.