Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia, October 19, 1781, by which over 7,000 British and Hessians became prisoners.
The United States of America as it appeared in 1775.
The Revolutionary War 1775 - 1783 commonly called the American Revolution started on the morning of April the 19th 1775 after shots had been exchanged by colonials and British soldiers.
13 American colonies also called the 'Thirteen Original States' fought for independence from British rule:
New Hampshire.
Rhode Island.
New York.
New Jersey.
North Carolina.
South Carolina.
Colonists were frustrated because Britain forced them to pay taxes, yet did not give them any representation in the British Parliament. Colonists rallied behind the phrase, ''no taxation without representation.''
Congress chose George Washington as commander and chief of America's armed forces, Henry Clinton replaced General William Howe as Commander of the British forces in America in 1778.
Records from the Revolutionary War Muster Rolls, 1775-83.
William Arthey. Rank Induction, Private-Rank Discharge - ( Roll Box:104 Roll Extraction:0 Roll Record:246 )
As yet research has not found any more information about this early Arthey settler in America, it it also unknown where he came from or when he arrived in America.
Research by Margaret Masters, Mark Earthy, December 2000.