Origin of name: Latin: Civtas Scrobbensis, 'the city around the scrub folk'. The county could easily have followed in the footsteps of Dorset and Somerset and be known
as Shropset, but due to the power and influence of Shrewsbury the county name took its form from the town (pronounced 'Shro'sbury') leading the district to be called
Shrewsburyshire which was inevitably shortened to Shropshire. Norman clerks found Shrewsburyshire intolerable to write and abbreviated it to Salop.
Name first recorded: 1006 as Srobbesbyrigscir.
County Motto: Floreat Salopia 'Let Salop Flourish'.

Upper Bar, Newport.
Frederick Arthy age 57, Head, occupation-Veterinary Surgeon, born Fordham, Essex.
Annie Arthy age 45, wife, born High Offley, Staffordshire.
Ellen Arthy age 16, daughter, born Newport, Shropshire.
Annie Maria Arthy age 13, daughter, born Newport, Shropshire.
Ritornella Arthy age 7, daughter, born Newport, Shropshire.
Mary Arthy age 6, daughter, born Newport, Shropshire.
Wm. Henry Arthy age 28U, nephew, occupation-Veterinary Assistant, born Halstead, Essex.