Origin of name: Of Anglo-Saxon origin meaning 'Sothern people' to distinguish them from the 'Northfolk'
Name first recorded: 895 as Suth Folchi.
County Motto: Opus Nostrum Dirige 'Direct our work'.
Town Motto: Sit Anima Mea Cum Christo 'May my soul be with Christ'
Blazon of the arms: 'Three crowns gules on a chief azure a mitre argent garnished Or'

This page reflects the life of John Earthy 1741-1810 and the Earthy descendants who lived and worked in the town of Stowmarket and the county of Suffolk.
James Arthee born ca 1653
Thomas Atthey born 27/4/1679
Thomas Earthy born 4/10/1713
John Earthy born 1741
John Earthy 1741-1810
John was born in 1741, and was baptised at the church of St Clements in Ipswich, Suffolk on the 20th of July 1741, he married Elizabeth Mills on the 7th of August 1769 and died in Stowmarket on the 26th of May 1810.
Marriage certificate of: John Earthy & Elizabeth Mills both of Stowupland 7/8/1769 witnesses Edmund Mills and Martin Enefer ( Parish Clerk) These were extracted from the parish registers in 1847 in connection with inheritance of a property in Ipswich Street, Stowmarket.
They had 11 children mostly born in Stowmarket:
John Earthy, born 1770, (bp 31st January 1770) died 30th of December 1838, married 23rd of May 1793 Ann Southgate.
Elizabeth Earthy, born 1771.
William Earthy, born 1774 (more details below)
Thomas Earthy, born 1775 (bp 2nd December 1775) died 4th of March 1847, married 29th of March 1814 Maria Bethel.
Lucy Earthy born 1777 (bp 5th October 1777) married 29th of May 1998 William Brame.
Sarah Earthy, born 1779 (bp 16th April 1779)
Richard Earthy, born 1782 (bp 27th September 1782) died 1865, married 20th of April 1802 Ann Symonds remarried 15th of March 1829 Jemima Day.
Lydia Earthy, born 1785 (bp 9th May 1785) married 13th September 1829 Thomas Lucas.
Hannah Earthy, born 1787 (bp 13th June 1787) married 27th March 1814 John Windwood.
James Crabb Earthy, born 1790 (bp February 1790) married Mary Godbold remarried 20th April 1820 Mary Ponder.
Maria Earthy, born 1791 (bp 23rd December 1791) died 1868, married 31st July 1811 Charles Windwood.
From a catalogue of Stowmarket Bastardy Bonds: John Earthy, of Stowmarket, Yeoman. Father of Bastard Child of Ann Muskett of Stowupland 27th of March 1772.
In a deed of 1801: John Earthy is described as a farrier, a copy of John Earthy`s will made in 1801 and proved in 1813 he leaves property to his son Thomas and 20 to his daughter Maria.
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As published in the The Suffolk Chronicle & Mercury on Saturday the 2nd of June 1810: Last Saturday died in the 61st year of his age after a long affliction supported with great patience and resignation Mr John Earthy for many past Postmaster at Stowmarket.
At the Post Office archive at Mount Pleasant, London is a record: In 1797 the daughter of a Mrs. Mills the then post mistress asked for permission to take over the post from her mother due to her ill health, this was granted and in the burial register for Stowmarket one can find: Mrs. Elizabeth Mills, Widow buried on the 14th of September 1797.
The daughter was Elizabeth Mills the wife of John Earthy, the Stowmarket post office was a sub district post office until 1815 when it became a district
The grave stone of John and Elizabeth at the Parish Church of St Peter and St Mary, Stowmarket, it reads:
John Earthy died May 26 1810 aged 69 Years, Elizabeth Earthy died July 26 1824 aged 77 Years.

William Earthy 1774-1845
A photograph of the Dukes Head pub in Ipswich Street, Stowmarket. William was the publican at the same pub (under the same name), an extract from 1814-23 says that William paid poor rate. It is believed William's father John Earthy (1741-1810) lived in one of the older cottages across the street, in the background the Parish Church of St Peter and St Mary.
William Earthy was born in 1774 in Stowmarket and was baptised on the 24th of April 1774, he died in 1845. He married Maria Lawrence ( who lived to be 93) on the 3rd of May 1801, they had 12 children:
William Earthy, born 1802 died 1871, married 4th February 1824 Mary Ann Turner.
Thomas Earthy, born 1803.
Charles Earthy, born 1806 died 1878.
George Earthy, born Abt 1808, married 25th May 1847 Sarah Pooley (nee Watly).
Alfred Earthy, born 1810 died 1816.
James Earthy, born 15th of February 1812 died 1831.
Edwin Earthy, born 15th July 1814 died 31st December 1887, married 12th September 1846 Mary Ann Godbold. Joined the Metropolitan Police.
John Earthy, born 1816 (more details below)
Reuben Earthy born 1818 (more details below)
Maria Earthy, born 4th May 1820.
Lucy Earthy, born 14th February 1822.
Emma Earthy, born Abt 1825.
A copy of a document relating to the publican William. A Ballot was held amongst the able bodied men of the Stowmarket parish to serve in the Militia, a sort of Home Guard (This was at the height of the Napoleonic Wars with France), this was not a popular duty as it took people away from their work.
However, if that person could find someone else who would be their substitute and payed them a sum of money (Of which the Parish payed half) he did not have to do his duty.
William found a substitute in John Bocking and paid him six pounds, the document is signed during the forty second year of his present Majesty's Reign on the 31st of August 1803.
Furniture at Stowmarket, by John King (auctioneer) 7th of October 1807.
On Sat. 10th October. The household furniture and effects of Mr. William Earthy in the dwelling house opposite the Dukes Head Inn, Stowmarket, comprising two fourpost bedsteads with furniture, exceeding good feather beds and bedding, chest of drawers. Dining and pillar tables, neat and strong chairs, 8 day clock in case, sweet beer casks, tubs, and keelers, boilers and kitchen utensil, and general assortment of neat and useful effects: Sale to begin at 10 o'clock.
The furniture auction (not a copy) was posted in the Bury and Norwich Post, this looks likely to have been when William moved to the Dukes Head, it is useful in pinpointing the house he lived in at that time.

John Earthy 1816-1888
John Earthy (son of William above) was born in Stowmarket on the 18th of June 1816, he died on the 11th of February 1888. He married Emily Stevens in Stowmarket on the 14th of April 1839, they had 8 children:
Albert Earthy - no dates.
Maria Earthy, born 1839, emigrated to Australia.
Emma Earthy, born February 1841.
Ellen Earthy, born 1843 died Abt 1912, married 25th December 1862 Charles Thomas Locke.
Sarah Earthy, born 1846, married 5th June 1865 William Brown.
John Earthy, born 1848, married Eliza ?
Edward Earthy, born 1850 died 1933, married 8th January 1878 Rebecca Parker.
Unknown Earthy.
There is a record in the Ipswich Jail Book dated 27th of September 1859 showing that John was sentenced to 3 months hard labour for stealing one square of glass, the form in the Jail book also gives the following personal information:
John Earthy of Stowmarket, Painter and Glazier. age 43.
Height - 5 foot 6 inches.
Complexion - Dark.
Hair - Dark brown.
Eyes - Hazel.
Visage - Long.
Scar on forehead, ditto on right cheek ditto on fingers and hands.
Religion - Church of England.
Married - Yes, wife living at Stowmarket, on parish relief.
Children - 5, eldest 20 youngest 7.
Write - A few words.
Where went to school - Stowmarket for 3 months.
The report in the Ipswich Journal of that week supplies the additional information that, John Earthy was charged with stealing a pane of glass from his employer, Mr. Francis Betts of Stowmarket, Builder - It appeared that the prisoner had been suspected for some time in consequence of which he was watched and detected on the morning in question with the glass in his possession., he pleaded guilty.
A photograph of John and Emily's third child Ellen Earthy.
Ellen married Charles Thomas Locke on 25th December 1862, the photograph was taken at the wedding of their son Charles Lock to Winnie Ellis at Stowmaket on the 1st of August 1911. Ellen is to be seen standing behind the bride.
Thanks to Christopher Bentall for the photograph. 14/11/03

Reuben Earthy 1818-1873
Reuben Earthy (son of William above) was born in Stowmarket on the 28th of June 1818, he died in Stowmarket on the 18th of February 1873. He married Mary Ann Lambert on the 14th of May 1845 in Bacton, they had 9 children all born in Stowmarket:
Laura Earthy, born 7th July 1845.
Alfred Earthy, born 8th October 1847 died 11th August 1937, married 1875 Eleanor Rutter.
William Earthy, born 13th November 1849 died November 1920, married 1876 Ann Elizabeth Rant. (Their first child moved to Canada)
Kate Earthy, born 28th March 1852 died 21st February 1874.
George Earthy, born 8th February 1855, married 21st August 1877 Mary Ann Poll.
Lammas Earthy, born 12th August 1857, married 25th December 1877 Edwin Martin.
Emma Earthy, born 9th December 1859 died 13th April 1860.
Charles Reuben Earthy, born 15th March 1861 died 8th April 1918, married 1879 Alice Laura Ford.
Samuel Earthy, born 15th June 1864.
The Earthy Coach Builders premises in 1870 and the same view taken in 1998.
A photograph from the 1870's in Harry Doubles book, 'Stowmarket - A Pageant in Pictures' shows the premises of William Earthy, coach builder in Stowmarket Market Place on the site now occupied by the Abbey National Building Society.
The first mention of the name in connection with this trade is in the 1841 census of the town, a Reuben Earthy son of William and Maria is listed as a Coach Trimmer. The first reference to Reuben in a trade directory is in 1855 when he had a coach building works in Bury street. In 1858 he had expanded, with works in the Market Place as well as in Bury Street and in 1861 he was employing 13 men and boys in his business. The final reference to the works in the Market Place is in an 1868 directory.
In the 1871 census Reuben's son William is a coach trimmer. Reuben died in 1873 (his grave stone can be seen in Violet Hill Cemetery close to the main path inscribed 'Coachbuilder of this town' and his widow Mary Ann continued the business as Earthy & Sons and about this time there are references to branches in Bury St. Edmunds and Eye.
The Bury Street works were still operating in 1885 when Alfred Earthy was the foreman and William Earthy the Manager. After 1892 there is no further references to the Bury Street works but about 1888 premises were opened in Tavern Street under the name of 'West Suffolk Carriage Works' Business continued on this site (now occupied by Stannards Limited) until Mary Ann Earthy's death in 1900 when the premises were sold to Mr. John S.Plummer.
On the 27th of October 1853 William Abbott age 14, son of John Abbott started his apprenticeship at Reubens coach building works. William later in life was to marry Ellen French. On Ellens death certificate William is described as a Coach smith living on Stowupland street in Stowmarket.
A copy of the original Indenture between Reuben Earthy and William Abbott.
The Indenture was kindly supplied by Carol Abbott. 3/10/05
A copy of a letter written by Frederic George Bird (1857-1938) whom at the age of 13, was serving an apprenticeship at the Coach Building premises, it reads:
My Dear Mother, June, 12th 1870.
I dare say you have been expecting a letter from me, but today, (Sunday), is the only day I have time to do anything as I am up at 7 in the morning and work till 7 at night. You will be pleased to know that I am getting on all right, have good lodgings, a nice landlady, a good bed and good bed partner.
I have got through this week very well. I like all the men and they all like me. There are 15 of us altogether, and all good fellows; but the worst of it is they want me to pay my floating which is two shillings worth of beer and if you don't pay they put a thing around your neck and nip until you holler beer. Tell Father that I've been all over the shop and am going to settle to the body making, but come badly off for tools. I want to have Father send what he has got as soon as possible. I went to see Grandmother last night and she invited me to come to dinner today. She sends her love to you all. I told her I expected dear Laura over in a day or two, she will be very glad to see her and so shall I. Grandmother killed her 3 pigs last week and was so busy that I did not go down before. Now I think I have said more than enough for one. I forgot to mention that Mrs. Earthy was down at Eye and young Earthy did not know what wages to give me last night, so let it be till Monday. Give my respects to all my friends, and I remain your ever loving son and brother.
signed George
(kisses all round)
The letter was kindly supplied by F. G. Bird, who has also written a Family History booklet 'The Birds on the trees' also thanks to Jenny Johnson 18/10/01
The Red Lion beerhouse on Tavern Street, Stowmarket in the early 1900's. The premises of Frederick Plummer are next door, previously Earthy's Coach works.
The grave stones at the Violet Hill Cemetery in Stowmarket of (left) Reuben and (right) the joint grave of his wife Mary Ann and daughter Kate.
click here To view Reuben's and Mary Ann's wills.

Photographs of the Parish Church of St Peter and St Mary, Stowmarket. It is at this church through the generations that many Earthy's have been baptised and have got married, it is also the resting place for John Earthy 1741-1810.
The grave stone at the Violet Hill Cemetery, Stowmarket. of Christopher Earthy. He was born in 1814 died on the 9th of November 1875, he is recorded as having been a tailor and shop keeper he shares the grave with his wife Susan Earthy (nee Stimpson).
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David, Dick & Mark Earthy, July 1998.
John Arthy, Barbara Arthy December 1999.