Origin of name: Surrey derives from the Old English 'Suthrige' meaning the region south of the Thames, probably of Middlesex.
Name first recorded: 722 as Suthrige.

120 Grosvenor Park, Newington.
Charles J. Arthy age 30, Head, occupation-Compositor, born Halstead Essex.
Agnes K. Arthy age 29, wife, born Guildford, Surrey.
Agnes J.K. Arthy age 4, daughter, born Islington, Middlesex.
8 St. Albans Street, Lambeth.
William Arthy age 32, Head, occupation-Butcher, born Lindsey, Suffolk.
Harriett Arthy age 34, wife, born Holborn.
William Arthy age 2, son, born Lambeth, Surrey.
John H. Arthy age 10 months, son, born Lambeth, Surrey.
9 Hunt Street, Lambeth.
Charles B. Arthy age 30, Head, occupation-Baker Journeyman, born Whitechapel, Middlesex.
Kate Arthy age 30, wife, born Croydon, Surrey.
Caroline Arthy age 10, daughter, born Lambeth, Surrey.
Jane Arthy age 9, daughter, born Lambeth, Surrey.
Charlotte Arthy age 5, daughter, born Lambeth, Surrey.
Kate Amy Arthy age 4, daughter, born Lambeth, Surrey.
Benjamin C. Arthy age 1, son, born Lambeth, Surrey.
Jane Lapworth age 26U, sister in law, born Croydon, Surrey.
24 Daneville Road, Camberwell.
Charles Arthy or Artley, age 28, Head, occupation-East India Merchants Clerk, born Rochford, Essex.
Ellen Arthy or Artley, age 26, wife, born Hawkwell, Essex.
Constance E. Arthy or Artley, age 4, daughter, born Newington, Surrey.
Edwin C. Arthy or Artley, age 3, son, born Newington, Surrey.
Sydney Cockerton age 17, brother in law, occupation-Clerk in Army + Navy Stores, born Hawkwell, Essex.
129 High Street, Croydon.
Frederick Arthy age 24U, Head, occupation-Grocers Assistant, born Great Horsley, Essex.
Royal Asylum of St. Anne Schools, Reigate.
Annie F. Arthy, Pupil, age 14, born Chelmsford.
The Oaks, Caterham.
Joseph Arthy, Living on own means, age 68 (widower), Invalid from paralysis.
23 Choumert Road, Camberwell.
Robert Knight, Head, occupation-Baker, age 66.
Elizabeth Knight, wife, age 63.
Robert C. Knight, son, occupation-Baker’s Assistant, age 32, born Peckham, London.
William Arthy, son, occupation-Baker’s Assistant, age 20, born Essex.
8 Winchester Place, Camberwell.
Charles Arthy, Lodger, occupation-Journeyman Baker, age 17, born Little Bentley, Essex.
40 Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond.
Frederick Arthy, Head, occupation-Confectioner, age 46, born Stanway, Essex.
Annie Arthy, wife, age 33, born Camborne, Cornwall.
Guildford Road, Rotteridge, Woking.
Florence B. Arthy, occupation-Governess Languages School, age 24, born Chelmsford.
16 Dodson Street, St. George the Martyr.
Ben Arthy, Head, occupation-Confectioner, age 20, born Lambeth.
Julia Arthy, wife, age 19, born Lambeth.
Ben Arthy, son, age 1, born Southwark.
17 Erpingham Road, Putney.
Frank Arthy, Head, occupation-Civil Service Treasury Clerk, age 44, born Chelmsford.
Viva Arthy, wife, age 39, born Bedford, Bedfordshire.
Reginald Arthy, son, age 2, born Putney.
38 Harvard Road, Lewisham.
Arthur Arthey, Head, occupation-Bricklayer’s Lab. Age 25, born Ardleigh, Essex.
Emily Arthey, wife, age 33, born Dagenham, Essex.
Rosie Arthey, daughter, age 2, born Lewisham.
Violet Arthey, daughter, age 1, born Lewisham.
George Arthey, son, age 11 months, born Lewisham.
Arthur March, stepson, occupation-Chemist’s Porter, age 15, born Dagenham, Essex.
44 Grove Lane, Camberwell (Private School).
Gertrude Arthey, Pupil Teacher, age 19, born Lindsey, Suffolk.