Origin of name: Surrey derives from the Old English 'Suthrige' meaning the region south of the Thames, probably of Middlesex.
Name first recorded: 722 as Suthrige.

Kingston Hill.
Susan Earthy age 21, occupation-Servant, born London.
Emma Earthy age 23, occupation-Servant, born London.
Upper Green, Hersham.
Eliza Newell widow, Head, born Hersham, Surrey.
John Newell age 24, son, occupation-Ag. Lab. born Hersham, Surrey.
Eliza Earthy age 32, daughter, born Hersham, Surrey.
Emma G. Earthy age 5, grandaughter, born Hersham, Surrey.
William W. Earthy age 7, grandson, born Hersham, Surrey.
Frederick R. Earthy age 2, grandson, born Hersham, Surrey.
Hersham Village.
William Earthy, age 39, Head, occupation-Sadler & Harness, born St. Pancras.
Eliza Earthy, age 40, wife, born Hersham, Surrey.
Emma G. Earthy, age 14, daughter, born Hersham, Surrey.
Frederick Rich. Earthy, age 12, son, Employed in business. born Hersham, Surrey.
Thomas H. Earthy, age 10, son, born Hersham, Surrey.
Alfred J. Earthy, age 7, son, born Hersham, Surrey.
Eliza Ann Earthy, age 4, daughter, born Hersham, Surrey.
James Earthy, age 1, son, born Hersham, Surrey.
Infant, age 2 months, son, born Hersham, Surrey.
2 Durham Place, Lambeth.
Horace Shearing, age 45, Head, occupation-Baker’s Clerk, born Bungay, Suffolk.
Emma Shearing, age 38, wife, born Middlesex.
Arabella Earthey, age 40, Sister in Law, occupation-Dressmaker, born Rochester, Kent.
5 Homerton Road, Lambeth.
Owen Charles Earthy age 29, Head, occupation-Greengrocer, born Acton, Middlesex.
Lucy Earthy age 29, wife.
Mary Ann Earthy age 56, Mother, born Dennington, Suffolk.
Alice Kate Earthy age 6, daughter, born Gray's Inn Road.
Ethel Earthy age 5, daughter, born Lower Clapton.
Owen Earthy age 2, son, born Walworth.
Stanley Earthy age 1, son, born Brixton.
75 Ansdell Road, Peckham.
Edwin Blogg Earthy age 54, Head, occupation-Clerk Chemical, born Coggeshall, Essex.
Emma Earthy age 54, wife, born Camden Town, Middlesex.
Julia Mary. Earthy age 24, daughter, born Coggeshall, Essex.
Frederick N. Earthy age 19, son, occupation-Tin plateworker, born Stratford, Essex.
Frank Owen. Earthy age17, son, born Camden Town, Middlesex.
22 Brabourne Grove.
William Bailey age 30, Head, occupation-Clerk, born Leatherhead, Surrey.
Mary Ann Bailey age 28, wife, born Bermondsey, Surrey.
Matilda Earthy age 23, sister in law, occupation-Barmaid, born Manningtree, Essex.
2 High Street, Finchley.
Elizabeth Earthy age 29, visitor, Companion, born Halstead, Essex.
Eliza Earthy age 50, widow, occupation-Charwoman, born Walton on Thames, Surrey.
Thomas Earthy age 20, son, occupation-Bricklayer's Labourer, born Hersham, Surrey.
Alfred Earthy age 17, son, occupation-Gardener, born Hersham, Surrey.
Eliza Earthy age 14, daughter, born Hersham, Surrey.
James Earthy age 11, son, born Hersham, Surrey.
Charles Earthy age 10, son, born Hersham, Surrey.
2 Park Road, Farnham.
Thomas Earthy age 50, Head, occupation-Candlemaker, born Manningtree, Essex.
Matilda Earthy age 49, lodger, born Mistley, Essex.
4 Fleming Road, Newington.
James Earthy Head, occupation-Journeyman Painter, aged 50, born Little Clacton, Essex.
Henrietta Earthy wife, aged 52, born Bermondsey, Surrey.
Hersham Lodge, Walton on Thames.
Frederick Earthy, age 22, occupation-Stableman, born Hersham Surrey.
48 Hayles Street, Southwark.
Thomas Earthy age 40, Head.
Emma Earthy age 30, wife, born Clerkenwell.
Earnest Earthy age 11, son, occupation-Scholar, born Bermondsey.
Fred Earthy age 9, son, occupation-Scholar, born Southwark.
George Earthy age 7, son, occupation-Scholar, born Southwark.
Florence Earthy age 5, daughter, born Southwark.
Beatrice Earthy age 1, daughter, born Southwark.
13 Tunstal Road, Lambeth.
Owen Charles Earthy age 39, Head, occupation-Cab driver/Groom, born Acton Middlesex.
Lucy Earthy age 39, wife, born London.
Ethel Earthy, age 15, daughter, occupation-Nurse/domestic servant, born Clapton, London.
Owen E. Earthy age 12, son, occupation-Errand boy to grocer, born Walworth, London.
Stanley H. Earthy age 11, son, occupation-Scholar, born Loughborough Junction, London.
Emily L. Earthy age 8, daughter, occupation-Scholar, born Loughborough Junction, London.
Spencer A. Earthy age 6, son, occupation-Scholar, born Brixton, London.
Mabel L. Earthy age 2, daughter, born Brixton, London.
Lucy M. Earthy age 1, daughter, born Brixton, London.
Thistlecroft Estate, Hersham.
Frederick Earthy, age 33, Head, occupation-Groom/Coachman, born Hersham Surrey.
Helena Earthy, age 28, wife, born Bristol, Somerset.
Helena M. Earthy, age 2, daughter, born Hersham Surrey.
James Earthy, age 23, visitor, occupation-Theatre Assistant, born Hersham Surrey.
Burhill Gardens, Hersham.
Charles E. Earthy, age 21, occupation-Gardener, born Walton, Surrey.
Warrington Cottages, Walton.
Alfred S. Earthy, age 27, Head, occupation-Gardener, born Walton, Surrey.
Thomas Pape, age 29, Brother in Law, occupation-Stone Mason, born Leamington Warks.
Eliza A. Pape, age 24, sister, born Walton, Surrey.
William A. Pape, age 2, nephew, born Walton, Surrey.
65 Aytoun Road, Lambeth.
Charles E. Catchpole, age 38, Head, occupation-Wholesale Draper’s Clerk, born Stradbroke, Suffolk.
Mary A. Catchpole, age 36, wife, born Lambeth.
Kate Earthy, age 6, niece, born London City.
17 Haycroft Road, Lambeth.
Alice K. Earthy, age 16, occupation-General servant, born Gray’s Inn Road London.
270 Hollydale Road, Camberwell.
John H. Laws, age 30, Head, occupation-Tailor’s Cutter, born Beccles, Suffolk.
Ruth E. Laws, age 31, wife, born Camden Town, London.
Ruth E. Laws, age 9, daughter, born Bermondsey, Surrey.
Florence A. Laws, age 7, daughter, born Peckham, Surrey.
Henry C Laws, age 3, son, born Peckham, Surrey.
Emma C. Earthy, age 66, mother in law, born Pancras, London.
2 Temperley Road, Clapham.
Charles R. Earthy, age 36, Head, occupation-Coach Builder’s Manager, born Stowmarket, Suffolk.
Alice L. Earthy, age 28, wife, born Bexley Heath, Kent.
Alice M. Earthy, age 6, daughter, born Lambeth.
Charles L. Earthy, age 4, son, born Lambeth.
Percy D. Earthy, age 2, son, born Balham.
Elsie V. Earthy, age 6 months, daughter, born Balham.
13 Milbourne Lane, Esher.
Alfred J. Earthy age 37, Head, widower, occupation-Gardener Domestic, born Hersham, Surrey.
Alfred W. Earthy age 8, son, born Hersham, Surrey.
Esher Road, Hersham.
Frederick Earthy age 42, Head, occupation-Tobacconist Shop Keeper Working on own account, born Hersham, Surrey.
Helena Earthy age 38, wife, born Bristol.
Ernest Earthy age 5, son, born Hersham, Surrey.
Wilfrid Earthy age 3, son, born Hersham, Surrey.
Thomas Pape age 9, nephew, born Dorking Surrey.
173 Croydon Road, Penge.
Charles E. Catchpole, age 48, Head, occupation-Commercial Clerk, born Stradbroke, Suffolk.
Mary A. Catchpole, age 47, wife, born London.
Mabel M. Earthy, age 9, niece, born Manningtree, Essex.
Burhill Gardens, Walton on Thames.
Charles Edward Earthey, age 30, occupation-Gardener.
38 Sidney Road, Richmond.
Edwin N. Brock, age 29, Head, occupation-Phrenologist, born London Hackney.
Pearlie M. Brock, age 20, wife, born Stowmarket, Suffolk.
Mona P. Brock, age 4 months daughter, born Wokingham, Berks.
Florence H. Earthy, age 14, Sister in law, born Stowmarket, Suffolk.
57 Alexandra Road, North Wimbledon.
George Freeman, age 29, Head, occupation-Surveyor, born Farnham, Surrey.
Annie M. Freeman, age 34, wife, born Forest Hill, Kent.
Henry G. Freeman, age 2, son, born Wimbledon.
Edith M. Freeman, age 2 months, daughter, born Wimbledon.
Sophie Floate (nee Earthy), age 60 widow, Mother, born Halstead, Essex.
Emily D. Earthy, age 27, cousin, born Brentwood, Essex.
George Earthy, age 19, cousin, occupation-Student, born Truro, Cornwall.
38 Hayles Street, Southwark.
Thomas Earthy, age 51, Head, occupation-Brewer’s Dray Carman, born Capel, Surrey.
Emma Earthy, age 40, wife, born Hampstead.
Ernest Earthy, age 20, son, occupation-Glass shop manager, born Rotherhithe.
Frederick Earthy, age 18, son, occupation-Brewer’s Assistant, born Rotherhithe.
George Earthy, age 16, son, occupation-Boot Packer, born Southwark.
Florence Earthy, age 14, daughter, occupation-Incandescent Gas Mantle Packer, born Southwark.
Beatrice Earthy, age 12, daughter, born Southwark.
William Earthy, age 7, born Southwark.
Maud Aubrey, age 21, niece, occupation-Laundry Manageress, born Bermondsey, Surrey.
214 Alderminster Road, Bermondsey.
Henrietta Earthy, age 36, widow, Head, occupation-Machinist, born Rotherhithe.
Edith D. Earthy, age 8, daughter, born Bermondsey, Surrey.
Florence M. Earthy, age 7, daughter, born Bermondsey, Surrey.
38 Ramsdon Street, Balham.
Samuel Earthy, age 36, Head, occupation-Coachbuilder’s Manager, born Stowmarket, Suffolk.
Geraldine Earthy, age 28, wife, born Llangollen, North Wales.
Phyllis L. Earthy, age 2 months, daughter, born Balham.
153 Ramsden Road, Balham.
Charles R. Earthy, age 40, Head, occupation-Coach Builder’s Manager, born Stowmarket, Suffolk.
Alice L. Earthy, age 39, wife, born Bexley Heath, Kent.
Ethel Earthy, age 18, daughter, born Lambeth.
Maud Earthy, age 16, daughter, born Lambeth.
Lionel Earthy, age 14, son, born Clapham.
Percy Earthy, age 12, son, born Clapham.
Elsie Earthy, age 9, daughter, born Clapham.
Sidney Earthy, age 5, son, born Urmston, Lancs.
Jessie Earthy, age 3, daughter, born Urmston, Lancs.
Robert Earthy, age 8 months, son, born Clapham.
9 Brodrick Road, Wandsworth.
Robert H. Bolt, age 38, Head, occupation-Draughtsman for Stained Glass, born Sunbury, Middlesex.
Elizabeth M. Bolt, age 40, wife, born Manningtree, Essex.
Evelyn M. Bolt, age 9, daughter, born Tooting, Surrey.
Margaret E. Bolt, age 6, daughter, born Tooting, Surrey.
Dorothy M. Earthy, age 8 visitor, born Manningtree, Essex.
100 Geneva Road, Lambeth.
Owen C. Earthy, age 49, Head, occupation-Cab driver, born Acton, Middlesex.
Lucy Earthy, age 49, wife, born St. Pancras.
Spencer A. Earthy, age 16, son, occupation-Office Boy (port), born Brixton.
Mabel L. Earthy, age 12, daughter, born Brixton.
Lucy D. Earthy, age 11, daughter, born Brixton.