Origin of name: From the Old English, meaning land of the South Saxons.
Name first recorded: 722 as Suth Seaxe.

Mary Ann Earthey (with grandson)
Mary was the 8th child of Fisherman/Mariner Samuel Earthey born in Little Clacton in 1839, he is reported to have died in or around 1888 in the North Sea.
Mary born in Sussex was one of 10 children from the marriage of Samuel to Matilda Pooley:
James Earthey born 1862 in St Osyth, Essex. Died 1914 Newhaven, Sussex.
Samuel Earthey born 1864 in Brightlingsea, Essex. Died 1937 Worthing.
William Earthey born 1867 in Brightlingsea, Essex. Died 1878 Shoreham.
Henry Earthey born 1869 in Brightlingsea, Essex. Died 1878 Shoreham.
George Earthey born 1872 Shoreham, Sussex. Died 1954 Worthing.
Frederick Earthey born 1874 Shoreham, Sussex.
Phoebe Eliza Earthey b 1876 Shoreham, Sussex.
Mary Ann Earthy born 4th of November 1880 Shoreham, Sussex. Died February 1971 Shoreham.
Ellen Earthy born 1885 New Shorham Sussex.
Walter Earthey born 1887 New Shorham Sussex (Was later to have served with the British Expeditionary Force in France during WW1).