Origin of name: York comes originally from the Latinized Celtic Eboracum, meaning the estate of Eburos: to this was added the wic (dwelling) termination by the Angles,
producing Eoforwic. This was rendered as Jorvik by the Danes to become York.
Name first recorded: 1050 as Eoforwic.
County Motto: Audi consilium 'Heed Council'.

273 Langsett Road, Nether Hallam.
Nathaniel H.H. Arthy, Head, occupation-Private Tutor, age 34, born Kent.
Emily Arthy, wife, age 33, born Southgate, Middlesex.
William Arthy, son, age 8, born Southgate, Middlesex.
Emily Arthy, daughter, age 3, born Southgate, Middlesex.
273 Langsett Road, Nether Hallam.
Nathaniel H.H. Arthy age 46, Head, occupation-Classical + Mathematical Tutor, born Brenchley, Kent.
Emily Arthy age 44, wife, born Southgate, Middlesex.
James W.H. Evennett (Arthy) age 18, stepson, occupation-Greengrocer, born Southgate, Middlesex.
Emily Powell Evennett (Arthy) age 13, stepdaughter, born Southgate, Middlesex.
John D.H. Arthy age 4, son, born Sheffield, Yorkshire.